Instead of paying a monthly subscription and running our Expert Advisor yourself, why not subscribe to our Managed Account service? You will receive the exact same trades as our Master Account. Our Managed Account currently trades our Discretionary & EU Master trading systems.

Advantages of our Managed Account


Our managed account will trade the most profitable systems in our arsenal.


Just open your account and get the trades executed for you. No setting up and downtime issues to worry about!

No Management Fees

Unlike other managed account services, we do not charge any management fees. Yes, you read it right – $0 management fees!

Low-Risk Setup

Our managed account runs on a low risk setup. This ensures drawdowns are properly minimized and your account is optimized for the long run.

ASIC Regulated Broker

Your account is set up with an Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) regulated broker. Get the peace of mind that you deserve when you trade with a reliable, regulated broker.

No Lock-In Period

Feel free to move your available equity in and out of your trading account as and when you desire. In the unlikely event that you decide not to continue with our services, simply inform us your decision to terminate and we will proceed with your instructions.

Swap-Free (Islamic) Accounts

Swap-Free (Islamic) trading accounts are available for our Managed Account subscribers who require as such.

Minimal Capital Outlay

You can start benefiting from our expertise from as low as ONLY USD3,000.

Only Pay When We Make A Profit

Our 20% Performance Fee is one of the lowest in the market. Performance fee is calculated on a High-Watermark basis. Subscriber is to open a live forex account & signals are delivered directly to your trading account. To ensure a win-win situation for all, you only pay the performance fee if your account generates a profit for the month. No profits = No Performance Fees! Yes, we want you to succeed so that we will too!

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